“Going further”


Sister and brother Béatrice and Raphaël Dubois have been running the estate together since 2006.

Domaine Dubois undertook something of a revolution a few years ago, incorporating minimal pesticide use in the interests of healthy, sustainable viticulture, complex vinification, producing subtle, fruity wines… a development noticed by many professional tasters and buyers.


“Going further in terms of taking risks generally,” this is how Raphaël Dubois sums up the estate’s philosophy. “We take even more care in our work on the vines, using personalised programmes for our work on the 21 hectares, and adopting the principles of minimal pesticide use. Through frequent manual leaf removal and minimal levels of treatment (…) we respect the environment and the special terroir of each plot”.


“Our vinification processes have also evolved, thanks to Béatrice’s experiences in France and in the southern hemisphere. Our wines correspond more closely to what today’s consumers are looking for. While staying true to their terroir, we try to give them maximum levels of fruit, elegance and length.

Things have changed in the cellar too, where we select our barrels very carefully. They come from seven different sources, and we choose them with great care. We are also gradually reorganising the estate’s output, in order to offer a rich and varied range to as many people as possible.