Vintages in Burgundy


Spring arrived in a cool and wet trend, marked by an episode of freezing the night of April 26th to 27th. This climatic accident has destroyed, in our plots, between 50 and 100% of the harvest potential. Luckily, we were not affected by the spring hail episodes that hit northern ans sothern of Burgundy intensely. On the last days of June, the vine began to catch up. The hot and dry summer allowed to find a little serenity, but the very heterogeneous shoot between the frozen feet has required a lot of attention in the wine work. The harvest was therefore presented at the end of September. We had harvested very small quantities that will not add to the low volumes of previous years. However 2016 looks like a vintage of good quality !

The white wines produced in 2016 are remarkable, characterized by excellent balance. Late ripening has a positive effect in terms of freshness, which is one of the key elements of this vintage. On the nose, they offer aromas of fresh fruit, flowers, ans spice, and are very elegant and intense. In the mouth, they are broad, harmonious and fleshy. They are perfectly structured and stand out with their impressive length and deeply pleasing finish.

The results of red wines wera elegant with a rich aromatic profile. Subtle floral notes of rose and peony mingle with intense flavors of red black berries along with a touch of spice. In the mouth, they are fresh, yet rounded and fleshy. The tannins are tightly structured, smooth and yilding, with an excellent and promising length.


After a mild winter, spring was quiet and the starting of the growing season has been pretty normal. Nature has given us a wonderful moment, one the earliest we'd never seen in the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. As you remember, July was dry and hot and the shoots have grown quickly. Fortunately the few rains in August were been benefit to the grapes. Thereforen the first cuts were given on Monday 7th Seoptember. 2015 looks like to be a great vintage for Burgundy, even if the volumes are not totally our expectations.

Richness and concentration are the watchwords of this vintage for the white wines. The nose typical exhibits intense floral and fruity notes. Upon aeration, they also reveam notes ans spices. They are full and generous in the mouth, with impressive body and length. Here again, 2015 is without doubt an admirable vintage.

The red wines are deeply colored and offeran unusual aromatic palette of well-ripe red and black fruit, overlaid with delicate floral notes and subtle aromas of spice and nuts. The mouth is balanced, full, and with great smoothness. Their rounded and silky tannins underscore the deliciousness of the 2015 vintage, which is undoubtedly one of great class.


The mild winter gave us warm temperatures and with an early spring, the vines began their growing in late March, with nearly 15 days in advance. The flowering took place without any trouble in three days. The excellent health of the vines allowed us to stay calm during the rainy summer, despite the hale on 28th June that devastated once again a part of the Côte de Beaune. Fortunately our plots in Volnay, Beaune and Savigny les Beaune were not affected. The sun is back in September and allows the grapes to reach full maturity for a crop of Pinot Noir a little more generous than the previous.

White wines: This vintage offers a more greedy style. With its white flowers and citrus aromatic range, a nice balance in the mouth, it gives white wines that will bring lot of pleasure during the tasting.
Red wines: nice intense colours, noses of light stewed fresh red fruits and a long and complex mouth with round tannins are the characteristics of this vintage. As 2007 and 2011, they will bring pleasure up now and the are perfect for impatient people who do not want to look their wine ageing in the cellar.


Mother Nature was capricious and let us no respite. A long winter and a gloomy spring have delayed the growth of the vines, the hail on the 23rd July has devastated, among others, the villages of Savigny les Beaune, Beaune and Volnay : these episodes did not sent encouraging signs but the hot, sunny and wet summer was beneficial to the quality of the grapes. Despite we began harvest early October, we had nice, rich and well ripe berries with a very nice potential.

The white wines are fruity and well balanced, with a nose of citrus fruit notes. This aromatic clearness is also present in mouth. These well structured wines propose vivacity, freshness and complexity. They will bring lot of pleasure during the next celebrations.
The red wines are fruity, with a deep, brilliant and vivid ruby red : they give the feeling of crunching in a handful of fresh picked red fruits. In the mouth, the first slightly acid notes give way to a nice structure which is brought by fine and enough present tannins. A nice length in mouth makes the pleasure longer for this vintage, without waiting years.


Old winemakers have lost their latin, the weather has played with us all during the year . The season started very early in March and then the wet weather set for all spring, which caused a lot of sag (abortion of flowering that resulted in the loss of 40 % of the harvest). And a stormy summer ended the cycle. But maturity occured in excellent conditions.
The white wines are expressive and reveal fresh fruit and citrus notes. They are frank and offer already a beautiful balance in mouth. The white wines from northern Burgundy are powerful and reflect the character of their lands : mineral , flint, chalky notes. This classic vintage is illustrated by its finesse and a perfect concentration. Some of these wines, with wonderful complexity and perfect structure, will be able to wait few years.
The red wines have a very deep red color, dense, almost black in some cases. They exude aromas of rich and intense red fruits. The ripe and silky tannins give them a beautiful harmony in mouth. 2012 looks like a safe bet. These wines reflect the diversity of each wine region and are the happy result of an unusual year.


Summer in spring and spring in summer : this vintage was marked by an upset weather. The early departure of the vegetation allowed us to maintain a good lead and to have beautiful maturities which launched the harvest on the first days of September.
The white wines are characterized by a high purity. Citrus and floral notes dominate the nose. This aromatic cocktail is spiced up by the freshness of the acidity which make them harmonious, full and with a rounded palate.
The red wines, if we had to qualify them in one word, it would be "Elegance". Thanks to this early maturity, we have red fruits along with some spicy notes which offer a range of aromas that will delight the nose. The round tannins in mouth give this vintage great pleasure. You can enjoy them immediately.


The nice surprise, despite a strong frost during the night of 19th to 20th December 2009 which led to a small crop and difficult weather conditions. On purpose we waited the last days of September to cut the first grapes ; this choice has paid off.
The white wines are, on the whole, very aromatic, dominated by notes of ripe fruits and dried fruits. Their mouth is lively, ample and consistent. After few months in the bottle, they quickly soften to achive perfect harmony. Their ageing potential is excellent.
The red wines, with a real elegance and a great aromatic richness, are perfectly balanced.  Fleshy, they have tannins both firm and silky. This impressive length in mouth give great wines for ageing.


Very coveted vintage. You asked us so many questions about this vintage ! We had nice conditions for a good maturity of our grapes. The sun of August and September particularly helped us in the quality of this vintage.
The white wines offer a very nice aromatic profile with structure and amplitude, supported by the acidity that complements the balance. This year even more than another one, the effect of the "terroir" is expressed in the wines.
The red wines are the expression of the Pinot Noir and its "terroir". The flattering ripe red and black fruits are highlighted by the spicy notes that develop as the wines open. In mouth, the pleasure of the senses is complete. The complexity is evident in the extent of the wine. The round and silky tannings offer red wines with a good length and a feeling of fullness.


The year 2008 was marked by an unstable weather that asked us attention at all time during spring and summer. The very nice weather of the second part of september allowed us to wait for harvesting the first grapes.
The white wines, clean and pure are characterized by a more present acidity, combined with a good maturity that offer an exceptionnal aromatic range. These wines have a reach potential. After 2 - 5 years ageing, they are ideal for an immediate pleasure.
The red wines are the real revelation of this vintage ! Deep colors, fruity aromas, round and silky tannins : these concentrated and complex wines required a little more time for farming.  They offer a potential of some years for ageing. They know how to bring you all the pleasure of great Pinot Noir wines in the next 2 years.


Patience and custom-made ! After the worries of an autumnal summer, relief came wht the arrival of the first grapes. We decided to delay the harvest date in order to get the maximum of maturity. We had to make a strict selection, worthy of a high fashion work. The result gives ample and accessible wines, which could be drunk fast enough, so pleasant they were in their youth.
The white wines, harvested at the end of the harvest, have acquired a certain opulence that give them a lot of harmony, showing with great subtlety their "terroir", as the classic vintages in white.
The red wines offer flavors of fresh and delicate red fruits. The greediness of the aromas perceived in the first nose and in the mouth give amplitude and roundness with a silky final. This vintage has produced wines of pleasure which gave from their youth : charm, finesse and balance.


Charmer. This is the term that comes up most often when we talk about the 2006 vintage. It surprised us at all steps, from the climatic conditions to the wines it produced.
The white wines are characterised by a great balance, their fruit and flower aromas expressive in mouth. They propose a great harmony. Their richness and crunchy structure are balanced with the minerality, characteristic of many Burgundy "terroirs".
The red wines rewarded us from the work done during harvesting, sorting and vinification. The wines are soft, opulent and flattring with intense purple color. The nose exudes intense aromas of red fruits.


Without a doubt, it is a high class vintage which gave us some very good wines.
2005 gave Burgundy some very nice white wines, with an unusual richness and fineness, where the notes of ripe grapefruit combined to the acidity offer you a perfect balance.
The red wines are marvellous thanks to their complexity and their richness. With a vivid red color, they offer a concentrate of red fruits and spices aromas. The length and the complexity in mouth make wines whire harmony prevails. You can start to make you happy with the best essences the Pinot Noir can give us.